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                      Update 02/05/22
1) Click on button above and download folder

2) Delete all files on your USB stick 
 3) Move each zip file onto your usb drive.
4) Eject usb stick and upload to excavator 


 Use no more then a 2-Gig usb stick.

 Clear all files on usb first

 Move each file one at a time to usb drive


 To load into idigbest system.

1.) turn off system.

2.) plug in usb drive.

3.) turn on system.

4.) when screen says successful (5mins) turn off system.

6.) remove usb and you are ready to go!

if not uploading after 5 mins turn off and back on



 If you have problems make sure you files are zip files!

apple like to help and open you zip file at download!

if the file don't say .zip then erase in download and do this

 1. Open Safari.

 2. Click Preferences.

 3. Under the General tab, uncheck the option

     Open "Safe" files after Downloading

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