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The IDigBest system has bridged the gap with revolutionary valves that have changed the dynamics of the machine. The valves interact with the controller to adjust the weight to the bucket depending on the operators need and feel. The operator can in- stantly adjust the weight of the bucket depending upon soil conditions. The operator can soften the weight of the bucket for soft “quick sand” conditions, remain neutral for good conditions or apply pressure to the bucket for hard clay to rocky soil. The operator no longer has to scratch grade but can use the bucket in it’s intended position. Cutting like a knife or steering like a rudder while maintaining all the feel of the machine. The feel has never left the cab with this system.

The second crucial component of the system is the high speed triple-gyro bucket sen- sor. The same sensor that can guide a missile around the globe is now controlling the attitude of the bucket for precision grade. The sensor sends a correct output 100 X per second to maintain it’s intended trajectory through the earth. The triple-gyro sensor is continuous 360 degree roll and tilt. This allows the sensor to measure yaw rates and hold the intended trajectory true. Thus eliminating the need for a conventional, unreli- able compass sensor. The roll and tilt ability also further separate this system from all others because now a 3D model can be precisely followed through all rolls and curves of the model; in the same manner as a dozer system. The gyro-sensor has capabilities that set us apart from all other systems on the market today. The bottom line on a sys- tem this intelligent is that it provides measurable savings on fuel and labor because the

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bucket is being guided in it’s optimal positioning and trajectory, leaving behind the most accurate results in the industry.
The system is designed with 1 touch simple functions to keep the operator and machine working. The system is compatible with all systems, 2D and or 3D and all brand exca- vators. The system is fully Plug-N-play. The system uses (1) sensor on the bucket, coupler or power tilt coupler. The entire system package can be upgraded to a full 8- axis system with accuracy to within a few millimeters by adding Dipper Stick, Main Boom and 360 degree Chassis sensors.

IDigBest supports your projects through our Plan Builder program. Just go to any click on the blueprints on the top center of page. From your phone, tablet, PC or any mobile device, you can input plans or build the job straight from your device. Perfect for drawing lots, sewers, roads or any task at hand. We make any project fast and easy to load. Design on site or have plans emailed to you.

No company except IDigBest has real excavator machine control. We drive the bucket!!!!

Be your Best with IDigBest 

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