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A new dimension in grading accuracy and versatility

 IDigBest is pleased to announce the debut of the    3D X – Roller Grader.  The latest patent pending attachment has been in development over the past several years.  The 3D X – Roller Grader has achieved maximum stability and accuracy through its Low Ground Pressure (LGP) design.  The grading load has been spread out over 10’, achieving a result like no other design in any gradable material.  The stable, highly sharpened bi-directional cutting surfaces allow for superior results no matter the degree of tilt, roll or complex angle.  This design allows for high speed grading without the possibility of “crashing” below grade.  The 3D X grader multiplies your speed and accuracy.  The breakthrough design allows for the rollers to stabilize off of a finished surface.  The rollers follow the cutting edge unlike other designs that rely off of wheels in front of the cutting edge.  The result is a grader needing to make 1/10 the correction distance resulting in the finest grade achievable.

Technical Highlights:

Up to 10’ of grading perfection.

Laser Grade accuracy with only 1 receiver.  Standard grade pole receiver will run the bucket. Comfortable and stable enough to give the operator quick reaction time.  No other costly electronics needed.

Enhances the speed, accuracy and material – movement efficiency of all grading tasks.

LGP design and performance.

Stability allows for grading at machines maximum ground speed.  Wheel or track machines handle the same. 

Simple and easy operation on all Excavators, Skid Steers, Backhoes, Front End Loaders, 3-Point        Hitches, Gradalls and Articulated loaders.

Applications: Concrete Sub-grade, Fine Finish Grade, Athletic Fields, Parking Lots, Horse Arenas,  Golf Course Renovations and Tennis Courts.

(4) Modes of control

  • (1) Manual – non machine control
  • (2) Single or Dual mast laser system
  • (3) Full GPS modeling
  • (4) IDigBest Grade Assist full dig system


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